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NIrV Translation For Bible Readers Of All Ages

NIrV Bible Translation

The New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) is based on the New International Version (NIV), written for a third-grade reading level – among the lowest reading level of any Bible translations available. Like the NIV, the NIrV achieves great accuracy through equal rigor to the original languages and today’s English. The NIrV makes the Bible understandable to younger readers and anyone else who would benefit from easier-to-read Bible language. The elegance and richness of Scripture comes to life in the NIrV, bringing the message of Jesus Christ to more readers around the world.

“The NIV Reader's Version offers us a powerful combination of faithfulness to the original languages and true contemporary language that is at once accurate, elegant, and compelling. This translation reads the way we speak -- and because of this, it will speak directly to its many readers. Again and again I found myself looking at favorite verses and admiring how this translation offers something fresh, unexpected and inspiring. I am confident it will be used widely and treasured for many years to come. -Gary M. Burge, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College & Graduate School

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